Olympus SuperZoom 70G

Manufacture: Olympus
Country: China
Model: Superzoom 70G
Introdused: 2002
Camera type: COMPACT
Film type: 35mm Film
Dimensions:  3 x 4.3 x 2.8 inches
Lens: 38-70mm
Apeture: f/4.5-8.5

Original Price:
Price: 2018 on Ebay 25€ 

Depth 2.5 in
Camera Type Point & Shoot / Zoom camera
Type built-in flash
Shooting Range 2.6 ft - 10 ft: ISO 100 (wide lens)
2.6 ft - 5.6 ft: ISO 100 (tele lens)
3.3 ft - 29 ft: ISO 800 (wide lens)
3.3 ft - 15.7 ft: ISO 800 (tele lens)
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Power Consumption Recycling time - 0.5 - 5 sec
Optical Zoom 1.8 x
Lens Aperture f/4.5-8.5
Min Focal Length 38 mm
Max Focal Length 70 mm
Min Focus Distance 31.5 in
Focus Adjustment automatic
Group Qty 4
Element Qty 5
Features aspherical lens
Viewfinder Frames Autofocus frame, close-up correction frame
LED Information Flash ready, autofocus ready
Type Real-image zoom
Exposure Range 1/610 sec - 2 sec
Exposure Range Details EV 3.3-16 - wide lens (ISO 100)
EV 5.2-16.8 - tele lens (ISO 100)
Backlight Compensation Yes
Type Point & Shoot / Zoom camera
Camera Format 35mm
Min Exposure 1/610 sec
Max Exposure 2 sec
Exposure Modes automatic
Shutter Control electronic
Timer Functions self-timer
Self-Timer Delay 12 sec
Auto Focus active
Film Speed Range ISO 100 - 800
Film Advance automatic
Status LCD Display Information battery condition, flash mode, frame counter, self-timer mode
Features autoexposure lock, autofocus lock, slide cover
Required Qty 1
Form Factor CR123A
Technology lithium
Brand Olympus
Product Line Olympus SuperZoom
Model 70G
Packaged Quantity 1
Light Metering Range EV 3.3-16, EV 5.2-16.8
Sensitivity ISO 100
Lens Type tele lens, wide lens
Recycling Time 0.5 sec
Type real-image zoom
Viewfinder Frames autofocus frame, close-up correction frame
LED Information autofocus ready, flash ready
Type none
Width 4.6 in
Depth 2.5 in
Height 2 in
Weight 7.41 oz GENERAL

Olympus Announces 
SUPERZOOM 70G/80G Compact 35mm Camera 
with High-Performance 38-70mm/38-80mm Zoom Lens
Excellent quality and value for money
High-performance, 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm zoom lens
Easy operation and stylish design
* This news release is only for Japanese market.
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G compact 35mm camera. Offering outstanding quality, value, and ease of use, the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G is equipped with a high-performance 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm zoom lens and a high-accuracy autofocus system. It also features a wide range of flash modes, and a stylish, compact, lightweight body with a sliding lens barrier. 
Top Features
Compact, lightweight, and stylish design
High-performance, 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm 2x zoom lens with two aspherical lens elements
High-accuracy, 464-step autofocus system
Versatile flash functions
Affordable and easy to use
Development Background
The SUPERZOOM 70G/80G compact 35mm camera was developed in response to market demand for an affordable, easy-to-use, entry-level zoom camera that offers real quality and value. Despite its affordable pricing, offers optical performance that is comparable with the award-winning Olympus μ[mju:] series. In addition, the light, compact body features a high-quality, silky-gold finish and a sliding lens barrier with a uniquely stylish oval motif. 
Main Features
Light, Compact and Stylish Design 
In keeping with the high standards of Olympus camera design, the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G is exceptionally compact, lightweight, and stylish. The standard model* measures only 118mm(W) x 64mm(H) x 47mm(D), and weighs just 210g. It features a high-quality, silky-gold finish, and a sliding lens barrier with a distinctive oval shape that is instantly recognizable. 
* Quartzdate model: Dimension 118 (W) x 64 (H) x 51 (D) mm, Weight 220g
38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm High-Performance Zoom Lens 
The SUPERZOOM 70G/80G's 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm high-performance zoom lens features two aspherical lens elements that assure exceptionally crisp, distortion-free imaging with minimum weight and bulk. In addition, the 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm zoom range provides framing flexibility that makes it easy for users of all levels to achieve the composition they want. And unlike the most low-priced zoom cameras that only offer the user the choice of a few preset zoom settings, the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G offer true zoom performance that allows the user to choose any zoom setting. 
High-Accuracy 464-Step Autofocus System 
A new 464-step autofocus system assures outstanding focusing accuracy for sharp, crisp imaging. 
Full Range of Flash Functions 
A built-in flash with six flash modes makes it easy to take beautiful flash photos. 
Auto Flash Mode: Fires the flash automatically in low light. 
Red-Eye Reduction Mode: Helps the subject's eyes adjust to the bright light of the flash by activating a bright LED on the front of the camera before the flash fires. 
Flash Off Mode: Prevents the flash from firing; ideal for available-light photography and situations where flash photography is prohibited. Fill-In Flash Mode: Fires the flash with every shot. Can be used to erase unwanted shadows when shooting in bright sunlight or other high-contrast lighting conditions. 
Night Scene Mode: Fires the flash to illuminate the foreground subject, while applying exposure compensation to help ensure that background scenery (city lights, sunsets, etc.) is also captured. 
Red-Eye Reduction Night Scene: This mode reduces the red-eye effect in pictures taken in the Night Scene mode. Except for a bright LED activated, it is identical to the Night Scene mode. 
Other Features
Real-image zoom viewfinder
Electronic Self-timer with 12-sec. delay
ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 auto film speed setting.
Date/time imprinting (Quartzdate model only)
Specifications SUPERZOOM 70G
Specifications SUPERZOOM 80G

Read More: https://www.olympus-global.com/en/news/2002a/nr020320sz80ge.html

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