Zenit EM „Зенит-EM“


Manufacture: KMZ
Country: USSR
Model: Zenit EM 
Introdused: 1972
Dicontinued: 1984
Camera type: SLR 
Film type: 35mm 
Film format: 24x36mm 
Apeture: f/2 
Shutters speed: 1/30s-1/500s + B. 
Lens: Helios-44M  2/58 M42 mount
Quantity: 979.140 units.
Original Price: 
Price: 2019 Ebay £37.50 41.47€

The USSR Zenit EM 35mm SLR was part of a long running series of Zenit cameras and was an upgraded version of the Zenit E, adding automatic diaphragm stop-down with appropriate M42lenses and a shutter release separated from the winding lever/film counter. Produced between 1972-1984 by KMZ[1].

The EM was also sold by Kalimar as the SR300, and badged as the Cosmorex SE. It was available in both black and chrome finish.

Zenit EM 35mm film SLR camera (Зенит EM)


Moscow Olympics 1980 Edition


ZENIT-EM is a 35 mm reflex camera fitted with an instant return mirror. It is designed for making various amateur and special kinds of shooting on black-and-white or color films. The camera has a built-in exposure meter using a photocell, a self-timer, a shutter setting lever, a synchronising device for flash bulbs and electronic flash. The camera accepts interchangeable lenses with M42×1 thread and mechanical back focal distance of 45.5 mm. With the help of extension tubes ZENIT-EM camera may be used for reproduction works. It allows to take pictures of small-size objects with large magnification and at short distances (macrophotography) as well as to take pictures with the help of a microscope (microphotography).


  • The camera and HELIOS-44M lens are provided with a mechanism of automatic pre-set diaphragm. The shutter release button being pressed, the diaphragm automatically closes to the pre-set value;
  • Fresnel lens and diaphragm, fully open at the moment of viewing, ensure uniform image brightness of the object to be photographed in the viewfinder; micro pyramids in the center provide for perfect image sharpness;
  • Exposed film is rewound with the shutter disengaging bush being fixed;
  • a new kind of a take-up spool simplifies the process of film loading;
  • the back door lock latches automatically;
  • The carrying strap, attached to the camera eyes, makes the camera possible to carry without its case.





Picture size

24×36 mm

Width of perforated film

35 mm

Number of frames


Shutter speeds

From 1/30 to 1/500 sec (automatic), "B" (by hand) and long exposure time

Viewfinder field of view

20×28 mm

Eyepiece magnification



Helios 44-M Lens

Focal length

58 mm

Aperture scale

f/2 to f/16

Focusing range

0.55 m to infinity


Mechanical back focal distance

45.5 mm

Light filter mounting thread

52×0.75 mm

Seat for sun shade

Ø 54 mm

Lens mounting thread


Tripod socket thread


Thread of shutter button bush for cable release

KF 3.5×0.5

Overall dimensions

141×100×93 mm


1.1 kg


Picture is from: https://www.lomography.com/magazine/183552-zenit-em-a-russian-tank

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