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Welcome Mamiya Collectors!  The Purpose of This Site 
This site began over twelve years ago from my personal interest in old Mamiya 35mm cameras. It's come a long way since the original site, which was a simple listing of Mamiya 35mm camera models. 

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Welcome to the Graflex Camera Collection of Bruce Thomas, Australia.
No other make of camera defined American professional photography for as long as Folmer & Schwing/Graflex. From the turn of the 20th century, through both World Wars and into the 1970s the words Graflex, Speed Graphic and Crown Graphic conjure up images of the worlds most instantly recognised photographs, some of which are shown below. Tough, reliable and versatile they were, and indeed are still, a very special camera.


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This site contains some of my favorite images of female photographers. Enjoy!

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Charlie Kamerman's Kodak Collection. 

I have been collecting items in original boxes since 1979. My collection contains a wonderful mix of photographic related items representing the evolution of equipment and marketing of the Eastman Kodak Company over 120 years. 
In the beginning I decided to buy items only if they were in their original boxes
to limit the number of items I could acquire.

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n this website you can see videos of many rare and antique Kodak cameras from the mid 1880's up to the 1910's.

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This page contains data of Rolleiflex models taken from Ian Parker's book "Rollei TLR User's Manual". It has links to other pages with information regarding these models with pictures taken from auctions on eBay

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