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Camera models that are marked blue, are in my collection (e.g. the ‚3M 103‚ or ‚3M 303‚). By clicking on them, you will see a picture of the camera. Some of the cameras are linked with pics, unfortunately they are not yet in my collection. The cameras that are only marked with „(pic)“, are also not in my collection, but I have not the per-mission to show the image on my site. If you have one of those cameras, that are not in my collection and „want to get rid of“ it, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

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This site is for reference only, I'm not the specialist who collected all information contained in this site but if you have a specific question I might be able to help or point you in the right direction. Just drop me a note.

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Dear visitors! is celebrating it's 10 years anniversary this 2016 year.  During these years I have spent many thousands of working hours to make this source more informative and attractive for my guests. Now the situation is changing  a lot. The lack of time doesn't allow me to maintain this website regularly.

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Welcome to Marti's Camera Room!

Use the film strip above or the links to the left to browse through a sampling of my collection. Note: this site is relatively graphics-intensive. If you're using a dial-up connection and the images aren't loading fully, you'll get better results using the "previous," "auto/stop," and "next" links to the left.

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Lights in the Box

Photography and classic cameras collection by Vincent Becker

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Welcome to Chris Sherlock's Kodak Retina and Retinette camera pages

Retina I type 117

The Kodak Retina family of fine 35mm cameras began life with the type 117 Retina camera, introduced in 1934 with Kodak's new daylight loading cassettes of 35mm film.

The Retina cameras were manufactured at Kodak A.G. in what had previously been the Dr. August Nagel Camerawerk factory in Stuttgart. The business had been purchased by Kodak in 1931.

A large number of Retina and Retinette cameras were manufactured until production finally ceased in 1969.

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Welcome to
Ken Lyndrups
Collection of photo-curios.

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I hope you will find something of interest in my classic camera collection. The collection comprises mainly of cameras of German manufacture but also includes several from other countries. The cameras are a mix of 35 mm and medium format types both rigid and folding, and date from pre 1920 until the 60's.

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The Making of a Camera Collector

G'day, my name is Holger Schult. I am the founder and curator of The passion for all things photographic runs the family. Both my sons have played with cameras from the early years of their lives and as the digital revolution arrived they become increasingly fond of the old mechanical nature of the cameras they grew up with. It has been a win-win situation of me over the years as my sons financial support for my collecting has allowed me to enjoy my hobby and allowed them to continue being ‘exposed’ to cameras from the pre digital era and in many cases to cameras older than all of us.

For me my life began for me in post-war Germany as a press photographer, capturing images of the British Queen, the Beatles and other famous visitors to my birthplace of Hamburg, Germany.

Photographers never die, they just lose their focus.

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Welcome! the Web site of an incurable photographica collector.  So what is photographica?  Simply, objects related to photography, photographic artifacts.  And that's what I collect.  The whole gamut from actual photographs to the equipment that's used to create them.

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In 1957 I saved pocket money to buy a Bakelite VP Twin (16 on 127 roll film) from Woolworths. It cost 7/6 pre-decimalisation, which is 37.5p. The VP Twin was difficult to use successfully, especially by an inexperienced 11 year old. Its open frame viewfinder could lead to catastrophic framing errors and the shutter release was awkward, so that camera shake was commonplace. I still have prints supplied by Gratispool from a holiday in Blackpool in 1957 which amply demonstrate the framing and camera shake errors I suffered.

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RaúlM.Let me start this by making you a caution advice "My name is RaúlM. and I'm a cameraholic". Seriously, I'm collector/user of film cameras, Large format, Medium format, 35mm, 127, 126, 110... you can see the picture

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I have been a camera collector for over 20 years.  In 1995, I founded the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors, "IDCC."   The IDCC grew to be, and still is, the world's largest on-line community of active camera collectors.  See herefor more information on the IDCC if you wish to join.

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Here I describe my cameras and discuss some brands and models in particular. These cameras are pieces of the history of photography, but I still use some of them frequently. Old cameras are fascinating objects that tell us interesting stories and exemplify the technical and technological development of photography.

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Welcome to my website celebrating the 120/620 twin-lens reflex camera and its history. I continue to add things, so "bookmark" and come back. The TLRs are in my collection, and I'm keen to hear from anyone who can tell me more (or has something new for the collection). If I have something wrong, let me know. There is a links page, but websites change frequently. If a link doesn't work, search in Google - if it's still around, you should find it. Either way, let me know. There's also a page of information sources used.
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Welcome to our Web site. This is a collection of things which interest myself (Roland) and my wife Caroline. Most of the contents are in the area of collecting and using classic cameras. This site is also gradually expanding to cover some of my other interests such as Flight sims and electronic/constructional projects, plus other useful information as well as links to similar sites. If you'd like to link to this site - please do! If you'd like this site to link to you - then please email: 

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Appaphot is intended to make you share my passion. This passion for photography and camera began in the early 70s with a few cameras "box" for decorate my darkroom. And then, many donations and gifts of my family and my friends with some simple cameras, sometimes more rarer have filled my glass cases. Then I haved catch the virus and that go on allways..

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French collector is made this site, all articles is in french but you can find photo of cameras you may be interested of or maybe you can understand french.

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 Welcome to, Reference for collectors of vintage cameras

In these pages we display the tangible evidence of an insidious disease which have been affecting hundreds of people for many years. During the week, they behave just like anyone, working, studying or peacefully enjoying their retirement. Yet, a knowledgeable observer would be able to detect though how the words "box" or "folding camera" could instantly light up a special gleam in their eyes…

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