British photographer Alys Tomlinson won Photographer of the Year at the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.

Image: Alys Tomlinson/2018 Sony World Photography Awards

THE WINNERS OF the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 have been announced.

The coveted Photographer of the Year title went to British photographer Alys Tomlinson, who won $25,000 for her series, Ex-Voto. The series captures the idea of pilgrimage through the landscapes of sites in France, Ireland and Poland and in still-life images of offerings that have been made at these locations.

In Ireland, Tomlinson shot at Ballyvourney,  a Gaeltacht village in southwest Co Cork considered to be a pilgrimage site. Near the village is a stone slab inscribed with a Maltese Cross with a figure, believed to be a pilgrim, above it.

The series was praised by t ... Read more »

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How to Find Your Style as a Photographer

When I was starting in photography, I kept hearing peers and educators talking about their photographic style. I was totally lost. I had no idea what my style was, because as desperate as I was to define it, I hadn't yet discovered it. Discovered is the wrong word. My style wasn't yet.

In a lot of ways, I may be the last person qualified to talk about style. I wear the same thing every day: black v-neck, jeans, black shoes, hair in a ponytail, and an ivy cap. For events where I need to look more professional, I throw a suit jacket on top, and people are genuinely impressed that I dressed up (I love working in a field where you can get away with thi ... Read more »

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Three of the most talked about full-frame, interchangeable lens cameras of the past year, undoubtedly, have to be the Sony A7R III and A7 III mirrorless cameras, and the Nikon D850 DSLR. While we’ve reviewed all three models at Shutterbug, we haven’t done a direct head-to-head comparison of them.

That’s why we like the below camera shootout from The Slan ... Read more »

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Photographer Taylor Jackson got his hands on one of the first Nikon 105mm f/1.4 ED lenses to hit Canada, and given the amount of hype this “world’s first” lens has gotten, he was anxious to see if the lens could walk that talk.

The answer, in the end, is a distinct “sort of.”

Over the course of his hands-on test, Jackson pitted the 105mm f/1.4 against his workhorse, the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G, and his budget lens, the Tamron 85mm f/1.8 VC. You can see the side-by-side shots (straight out of camera JPEGs):

comparison_feat ... Read more »

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The M7 caused a bit of a stir when it arrived with features that required battery power to operate – particularly the electronic shutter. Without power users are restricted to shutter speeds of 1/60sec and 1/125sec, whereas models before the M7 had used an entirely mechanical shutter and could therefore continue working in the event of a flat battery- or no battery.Leica has discontinued its M7 film camera after 16 years of service. According to the Red Dot Forum, which is run by the Miami Leica store, the last of the M7 standard and ‘a la Carte’ bodies has been built and no more will be made. The Miami store lists the camera as ‘Out of Stock’ but models will remain in circulation ... Read more »

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There's a lot more to compositing than just getting a perfect cutout. Here are some golden tips by Unmesh Dinda of Piximperfect on how to get a seamless blend.

When first getting started with compositing it's easy to overlook some slight exposure or color differences because, at first, getting the selection spot on takes a lot of practice and trial and error of different techniques. When one wants to progress and bring their A-game to compositing, however, one has to learn how look a bit deeper to really make the image believable. In this video, Dinda does a great job at explaining how to get around some of the trickier problems.

Starting with getting a good selection ... Read more »

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