Beginner-friendly DSLR prepares for lift off

Canon Rebel T8i / 850D





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Fujifilm X100V

(Image credit: Future)

Do we really still need compact cameras in 2020? After all, the  ... Read more »

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- Unique color reproduction technology to capture precious memories in vivid colors
- A compact and lightweight camera body with 4K video capability and fast AF that can accurately focus on a moving subject, faces and eyes

Tokyo, January 23, 2020 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the addition of the “FUJIFILM X-T200” (X-T200) to the lineup of the X Series of compact and lightweight mirrorless digital cameras that deliver outstanding image quality with Fujifilm's proprietary color reproduction technology. The X-T200 is scheduled to be released in late February 2020.

The X-T200 is a mirrorless digital camera that inherits the “central viewfinder style,” adopted by the popular X-T Series such as the FUJIFILM X-T3 that boasts advanced mobility and excellent operability. The compact and lightweight camera body, weighing just 370g*, is equipped with an APS-C sensor packing 24.24 million pixels and a high-performance image processing engine. The use of the unique color reproduction technology, n ... Read more »

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The Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M in Asia) is an entry-level mirrorless camera that features an electronic viewfinder, fully articulating touchscreen, single control dial and a 24MP APS-C sensor – the same used by its M-series siblings. It has Canon's latest DIGIC 8 processor and offers expanded Dual Pixel AF coverage, 4K/24p video capture (with a 1.7x crop) as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

In a lot of ways it's a beefier, viewfinder-sporting  ... Read more »

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"The α6600 is the APS-C camera I've been wishing for all these years. There's a cadre of professionals who prefer the APS-C format – and I'm one of them. This is the camera that I would say is probably the first professionally specked out APS-C camera that they've had." – Bob Krist

“I got to use Sony’s newest APS-C camera – the α6600 – along with two new lenses in the Cascade Range in Washington State. To test out the gear in a challenging, unforgiving environment, I took it on an alpine climb up one of the highest peaks in the state, ... Read more »

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Sony just set a new milestone in their line of full-frame mirrorless cameras, with the introduction of the 61MP A7R IV that offers a unique combination of high-resolution and “medium format image quality” in a compact, lightweight package.

The Sony A7R IV is the successor to the 42.4MP A7R III that earned our Top Clicks award in late 2017. Boasting the world’s first back-illuminated 61MP full-frame sensor, the new camera promises 15 stops of dynamic range for superb gradation from highlights to shadows, and 567 AF points covering 74% of the image area (with 325 AF points in the 26.2MP APS-C crop mode).

UPDATE: You can see seven high-resolution images s ... Read more »

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If you’ve been looking to go back to basics and take up film photography, you’re going to need a reliable film camera to work with. Luckily, great quality film cameras are still being made by the industry’s top manufacturers.

Why go back to film when w ... Read more »

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Here are the full specifications for the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, this camera will be announced next week.

The EOS M6 Mark II is a stylish, compact and lightweight mirrorless camera that doesn’t compromise on speed or quality whether you’re shooting stills or movies. The EOS M6 Mark II features the option to add on an Electronic Viewfinder so you can shoot the way that feels most comfortable to you. Enjoy a high image quality with the camera’s 32.5 megapixel APS-C sensor. Ensure you never miss the shot with a maximum continuous shooting speed of approximately 14 fps and a maximum RAW burst mode of approximately 30fps.


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Ahead of official announcement next week, Canon has already leaked EOS 90D and  ... Read more »

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Rumour has it Sony could be about to give us the A6200 and A6700

Our mock-up of what the A6700 may ... Read more »

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Image ofMatthewAllard ACS


Yongnuo YN450 Android-powered mirrorless camera CP+ 2019

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At CP+ 2 ... Read more »

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All the latest information on Panasonic’s upcoming full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Panasonic ann ... Read more »

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Panasonic makes pocket-sized point-and-shoot cameras right up to pro mirrorless models, but which one is right for you?

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Get the best out of your D850 with our new informative course. This highly anticipated and versatile camera is an exciting addition to the Nikon range. With the help of our Nikon experts during this day-long session you’ll have the skills to get the results you want with both stills and full 4K movies.


This course will help you explore the camera's features and controls; it has been designed to cut through much of the jargon while providing hands on practical experience. You will go away with an increased understanding and confidence when using your camera, allowing you to take control of your picture taking and help you turn interesting photo opportunities into outstanding images.

Topics covered will include:

• Tips and tricks
• Shooting high resolution images
• Auto-focusing system
• Camera buttons and controls
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The Canon EOS RP is a 26.2 megapixel[2] full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera launched by Canon in February 2019. It is the second camera to use Canon's RF lens mount.

It is possible to use older EF and EF-S lenses with one of the three available Canon EOS R mount adapters. With EF-S lenses the camera can only shoot 720p or 4K ... Read more »

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- Which is the best action camera for you to choose?

GoPro make some of the best action cameras around - and, of course, they're probably the best known brand out there. It's still the best all-round experience for both professional video makers and the average consumer. This begs the question: which GoPro should you buy? 

What GoPro offers

GoPro's entire lineup has gone through something of a streamlining process and complete refresh over the past couple of years. Whereas prior years saw various models, including a budget, tiny Session, the company now only offers versions of the flagship Hero series and the 360-degree Fusion. 

It has moved around its product line quite a bit to do this - GoPro replaced a budget-orientated Hero with the full HD capable Hero 7 White, then replaced the Hero 5 with the Hero 7 Silv ... Read more »

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Who said the megapixel race was over? Er, ok, so we probably did at some point. But it seems to be anything but, with Sony announcing its next-gen full-frame mirrorless, the A7R Mark IV, will feature a 61-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor.

Yep, sixty-one-million of those lil guys, ready to capture light information and create huge images. It seems to almost be a trend of 2019 for cameras to be pushing the numbers again - we've already seen the 102MP Fujifilm GFX100 medium format ca ... Read more »

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Fujifilm announces the smallest, lightest lens in the GF range, perfect for medium format street and travel photography

Compact Fujinon GF 50mm f/3.5 makes the GFX 50R a sleek street shooter ... Read more »
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By   News  

Nikon has made a deal to purchase the 61MP Sony sensor, giving weight to rumors of a high-resolution Nikon Z8

61MP Nikon Z8 incoming… using the same Sony A7R IV sensor? ... Read more »
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The OneStep 2 is a new polaroid camera that blends classic design with contemporary style. It’s inspired by Polaroid’s original OneStep, but updated to create a simple, easy-to-use instant camera that works straight out of the box – just pick up some i-Type instant film and you’re good to go. It's got a high quality lens and a powerful flash to give you great photos every time, and its long-lasting rechargeable battery means you'll always be ready to shoot, whe ... Read more »

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Nikon 1 Mirrorless Camera Lineup Discontinued


  • Nikon has listed all the Nikon 1 cameras as discontinued
  • Nikon 1 lineup had 11 mirrorless cameras
  • Nikon 1 has been listed as 'discontinued' on the company's India store

Nikon has officially discontinued its mirrorless cameras in the Nikon 1 lineup. The Japanese company had launched the Nikon 1 series a few years ago to take on the likes of Sony ... Read more »

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Fujifilm X-T100 Mirrorless Camera With 24.2-Megapixel Sensor Launched in India


  • Fujifilm X-T100 is now available in India
  • The body-only model will be available for Rs. 47,999
  • It comes with a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor

Fujifilm has launched X-T100 as the company's latest product in the X-series of mirrorless cameras in India. The key highlights of the X-T100 SLR-style mirrorless interchangeable lens camera are automatic scene recognition, a three-way tilting touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity. The new Fujifilm X-T100 camera fits between the other entry-level models - X-A5 and ... Read more »

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Sony’s a7 III features a new 24-megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with up to 15 stops of dynamic range. It has a new front-end LSI and updated BIONZ X processor to improve and speed along image processing. Thanks to this computation punch, you’ll enjoy a native ISO range of 100-51,200 (expandable to 50-204,800).

As for autofocusing, 93 percent of the frame is covered by AF points, and there are a lot of them: 425 contrast AF points and 693 focal plane phase detect AF points. According to Sony, both low light focusing speed and tracking speed have been doubled compared to the prior model.

You’ll enjoy burst shooting speeds up to 10 fps with AF-C using either a mechanical or electronic shutter. You can store up to 177 JPEGs, 89 compressed RAW or up to 40 uncompressed RAW images during burst shooting. Sony says that while images are wr ... Read more »

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Capture everything with these future-proof VR shooters


Are you in the real world yet? Forget the 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 camera formats, and embrace the world as it is – a 360-degree landscape in which anything can happen, anywhere. That's the selling point for a new breed of 360-degree cameras that usually put two fisheye lenses back-to-back in a variety of designs to let you capture t ... Read more »

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Are you looking to change how you shoot your photos or video? Are you bored with your smartphone or point-and-shoot shots? Maybe you’re looking to take rapid-fire action shots of your kids playing lacrosse, baseball, or soccer. Maybe you hope to capture a distinctive portrait of your friend or loved ones and create your own work of art. Or maybe you just want to wonder the streets of a big city like a photojournalist and capture your very own decisive moments. Whatever you’re shooting, for the best results,you'll need to invest in either one of two interchangeable-lens camera systems: a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera system or a mirrorless camera system.

Quality and versatility are the two main reasons these types of cameras are used by professionals. And while there are a number of pro-level models for that market, there are lots of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that will sui ... Read more »

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Panasonic Lumix TZ200 ZS200 review

Panasonic's Lumix TZ200 / ZS200 is the new top model in its enormously popular travel-zoom series. Successor to the TZ100 / ZS100, it inherits the 1in / 20 Megapixel sensor, built-in viewfinder, non-tilting touchscreen, 4k video and Wifi, but boosts the earlier 10x zoom range to 15x, increases the viewfinder detail, adds 1080 video at 120p for slow motion, and now includes Bluetooth for seamless connectivity ... Read more »

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TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce that four of its products are recipients of the prestigious TIPA WORLD AWARDS 2018 sponsored by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), a global authority in the photography and imaging industry.

The Nikon D850 digital SLR camera was selected for the BEST DSLR PROFESSIONAL award, the Nikon D7500 for the BEST APS-C DSLR EXPERT award, the COOLPIX W300 compact digital camera for the BEST RUGGED CAMERA award, and the AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR super-telephoto zoom lens with built-in 1.4x teleconverter for the BEST PROFESSIONAL LENS award.

The TIPA WORLD AWARDS 2018 cover photographic and imaging products released between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 across a number of categories. Award winners are selected with voting by the editors of prestigious camera and imaging magazines from around the world.

For more information, see t ... Read more »

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The Canon DSLR and Mirrorless models, which may have been the counterpart of previously registered camera codes, were leaked.

It seems that previous rumors about Canon is testing their full frame mirrorless camera is right. Photokina 2018 opens its doors in September. There is a strong chance that Canon will announce or hint a development process for the long-rumored Canon Full Frame mirrorless camera.

In early 2018, Canon has registered a list of camera codes at certification agencies. According to recent reports, these camera codes are Canon full frame mirrorless cameraEOS 5DS/R Mark IIEOS 90D 7D Mark III ... Read more »

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Sony has released firmware update version 3.0 for the Sony Alpha A9 mirrorless sports camera.

This looks like a major firmware that improves auto focus performance, flash control and functionality. Sony also improved the “all-round operational stability”. Several minor changes has also been applied with this update.

Unfortunately this upgrade doesn’t feature the so-called S-log support yet. We also know the community waits for picture profiles and continuous video file naming. Maybe in the next firmware falks. Check out the details and download links of this A9 firmware v3.00 below. Best Lenses for Sony A9

Sony A9 firmware update V3.00 Details


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New rumors about the Nikon D650 DSLR, which has been named among entry-level DSLR cameras, are coming.

Nikon’s FX-format series will be released as an upgrade to the D610, although the name of the new model is not yet clear, the gossip indicates the D650 may be.

As is known, the Nikon D610 was introduced on October 8, 2013, about 4 years ago. If Nikon will hear the new model in this segment, it will be named Nikon D650 and it is thought to be able to drive the market to strengthen its position in the DSLR market.

Now let’s try to convey some leaked information about Nikon D650 specifications.

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Ricoh Imaging officially announced the new Pentax HD FA 50mm f/1.4 SDM AW lens. This is the first Star-series lens developed under Pentax’s renewed performance evaluation criteria. This large-aperture, standard lens assures exceptional image quality with minimal aberrations.

The HD FA 50mm f/1.4 SDM AW Lens from Pentax is a standard length prime lens with a bright maximum aperture that enables accurate low-light shooting as well as providing a wide range of depth of field control. While designed for full-frame Pentax K-mount cameras, the lens can be used on APS-C format cameras where it provides a 76.5mm focal length.

The US price for th ... Read more »

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Fujifilm released new firmware updates for FUJIFILM X-A3, X-A5, X-A20 entry-level mirrorless cameras.

Installing these firmware updates introduces a new PDAF algorithm for X-A5 while all models gets initial setting of ISO is changed to “AUTO” from “200” when switching to P, S, A, M, and Adv mode.

Check out the firmware update details for the X-A3, X-A5 and X-A20 with download links included

Fujifilm Released Firmware Updates X-A3, X-A5 X-A20 Cameras

... Read more »

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Detailed specifications for the Nikon D3500 DSLR camera are beginning to leak. According to recent rumors, the entry-level Nikon D3500 DSLR is rumored to be announced before or at the Photokina 2018 event.

It seems that one of the cameras Nikon has registered for connection necessity in the past days is Nikon D3500 DSLR. We can well see that the record made with the code name “N1718” has the same connection characteristics as the D3400 and points to a renewal.

So it’s just a DSLR that does not come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi installed. Now let’s look at how the first features for the possible Nikon D3500 DSLR can be pointed out.

Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera Expected Features

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New reports indicate that the Nikon D850 sensor (IMX309AQJ) is made by Sony. ChipMod took a Nikon D850 camera apart and came to the conclusion that the sensor inside is made by Sony.

ChipMod also provided a picture of the back of the sensor where we can clearly see IMX309AQJ and 1183456. Sony sensors have “IMX” in their model name.

So this numbers clearly indicates that high-resolution FX-format Nikon D850 sensor (IMX309AQJ) is made by Sony.

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The Olympus PEN E-PL9 is inexpensive and portable, ideal for shooting travel and street photos in all kinds of light, like this shot. It lacks a viewfinder, though. So, you need to rely on the display, which can get washed out in bright light.

Credit: Olympus ... Read more »

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We round up the most credible rumors and throw in our thoughts on what's comingnull

Will we see a full-frame Canon mirrorless camera this year? Or a new line of mirrorless models from Nikon? How will Fujifilm's popular X series develop?

At this time of the year, anything is possible. With most of the main photography events such as CES and Japan's CP+ behind us, the ... Read more »

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Big is best when it comes to sensor size and image quality


Full-frame DSLRs have long been the cameras of choice for photographers in pursuit of optimum image quality and performance, and a number of very different models can be bought at a reasonable price.

Compared with APS-C and smaller image sensors, full-frame sensors enable individual pi ... Read more »

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nullNew products are compatible with bodies in the S, SL and M systems, in addition to the company's Q and CL compacts

Leica has unveiled the SF 60 flash unit and the SF C1 remote control.

The two new arrivals are designed for use with models within the S, SL and M systems, although they can also be used in conjunction with the company's APS-C- ... Read more »

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Headline features include a 24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 zoom lens, 24fps and a touch-sensitive screen.

... Read more »

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Fujifilm has added another model to its X Series line up. The X-T100 doesn't have an X-Trans sensor, but it does have an electronic viewfinder and a raft of other ... Read more »

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Three of the most talked about full-frame, interchangeable lens cameras of the past year, undoubtedly, have to be the Sony A7R III and A7 III mirrorless cameras, and the Nikon D850 DSLR. While we’ve reviewed all three models at Shutterbug, we haven’t done a direct head-to-head comparison of them.

That’s why we like the below camera shootout from The Slan ... Read more »

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The M7 caused a bit of a stir when it arrived with features that required battery power to operate – particularly the electronic shutter. Without power users are restricted to shutter speeds of 1/60sec and 1/125sec, whereas models before the M7 had used an entirely mechanical shutter and could therefore continue working in the event of a flat battery- or no battery.Leica has discontinued its M7 film camera after 16 years of service. According to the Red Dot Forum, which is run by the Miami Leica store, the last of the M7 standard and ‘a la Carte’ bodies has been built and no more will be made. The Miami store lists the camera as ‘Out of Stock’ but models will remain in circulation ... Read more »

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