Pentax Zoom 105-R

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An minor updated version was available in 1991 called the Zoom 105-R which has red eye reduction.
The lens is a 38-105mm, f/4-7.8, the power zoom can be controlled continuously or in steps of 46, 55, 70 and 85mm by lightly tapping the zooming lever. The focal length is displayed on the top LCD screen. The focus range is from 1.35m to inf, but with macro mode enabled this changes to 0.75m to 1.35m. There is also a super macro mode. This button is located under a downward sliding cover on the left hand side of the body. This enables fixed focus range of 0.45m. In this mode the flash always fires and auto focus does not function. An electronic self timer, that can shoot up to five exposures. Number of exposure can be adjusted with the zoom toggle switch. The first shot is set at 10 seconds, ...

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